Thursday, August 6, 2009


While I don't doubt that some common sense advice on the very real consequences of paranormal investigations is prudent, I'm of a mind to think that the folks behind the DANGERS OF THE PARANORMAL [echoes out] might be over-selling it all just a bit.

While most of us will agree that respecting private property, watching your step, and not going alone to remote gang-infested locales is prudent, we don't all agree that each of us is a hapless target of demon diseases, paranormal pugilism, or other such afflictions. However, I will agree that beyond the more mundane caveats, it is important to broach a more oft-ignored side of paranormal investigations. I'm talking about those individuals, prone to fantasy, who might get too wrapped up in their work.

It's important for anyone - regardless of their avocation - to keep some balance in life between work, socializing, family, and hobbies. Becoming too obsessed with any one thing isn't healthy. To this end, I think the DOT Project has opened a valuable dialog.

Now, as for that demon calling to me from the other side of my $20 Parker Bros. Oujia board? I'll let him know it's dinner time and to try back later.

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Buck said...

Oh my. I would say the biggest danger of the "paranormal" is becoming wrapped up in superstitious drivel like these people. I would say paranoia and dissociative disorders are fare more likely to lie at the root of their "dangers" than ghosts or demons.

As for your Ouija Board, I just put mine on an answering machine and have the demons leave a message. It's much, much nicer than sitting there all night waiting on them.