Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bigfoot, Coyote, or Hoax? Audio Recording Has Researchers Wondering.

This latest audio recording of purported Bigfoot vocalizations comes from the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. I think it sounds a little too clear and close to the source of the recording, as if it were a staged performance. It also sounds very much like a dog at times, especially in the "throatier" sounds of the lower register. Take a listen for yourself HERE, and read what Blogsquatcher thinks.


Buck said...

Coyote that's been pitch shifted a half step on the end of the howl. Sounds exactly like the couple times my beautiful hybrid girl let out a real howl except slightly higher at the end of the call.

I'd also bet it was a single call that's been looped because usually that call is followed by a few yips. That would have been a dead giveaway.

Cullan Hudson said...

I tend to agree. At times, it sounded... manipulated. It's not something I can easily articulate (nor quantify in the least), but I sensed an odd cadence to it all, like when, in music, you discover a new sound or riff and you keep playing with it.

When investigators go out to try and record these, I wish they would do more. For instance, two separate but identical recording units spaced far apart so that the sound's source could be better triangulated. If someone were to do such an analysis, it might pinpoint where this unknown howler was at the time. Later, that spot could be found and checked for evidence: tracks, scat, hair, etc... Although, I realize that in the mountains, acoustics can be a bit trickier. But the attempt would still be better than: I've recorded something!

blotna said...

These unusual calls were recorded by three different researchers and on three different outings. Our purpose was to use a total of 7recorders to get a decent recording. Actually the quality
is never as good as I would like. Using a $2500 recorder and a $1200 microphone do help though.

The best recording was on the last night.

Also notice that some of the recordings were simultaneously recorded by 4 different recorders and in 4 different locations as an attempt to locate the howler.

The three outings are detailed in three different posts on my website:

Cullan Hudson said...

Thanks for the additional info, Stan. It still sounds weird to me, but I confess: we don't know what it is SUPPOSED to sound like anyway. So, for all I know, these creatures could sound a lot like Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. Perhaps, since it doesn't meet our expectations of what we think it should sound like, we tend to think it doesn't sound "right". And that's kind of absurd when you think about it.