Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thriller, Indeed - Viewers Catch Sight Of Jackson Ghost

In this CNN report, it is being argued across the internet, one can see an apparition cross a hallway at the 08:22 minute mark. While a more thorough examination of the hallway would be needed (for example, is there actually a glass partition or such wherein a passing figure could be reflected), it remains a nonetheless intriguing find. Assuming this video hasn't been tampered with (I'd like to compare the original CNN video) prior to posting on YouTube. So far it has been very difficult to find this same footage on, but that's often a problem of CNN. When I can track down the original, I'll post an update based upon what I find.

Here's another (over-the-top) version, seemingly from a different poster:

There's also this Anderson Cooper report that some are claiming also represents the King of Pop's specter, but I think since this is on a monitor in the background, it's simply a brief video image that is dark and out of the camera's focus range. A second after it fades you can see a white line at the top of the monitor, as if it were gearing up to run a video.

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Word Woman said...

I would agreee the AC view is no doubt artifact from background being readied....the Neverland is more compelling. The length of the shadow -it reaches into the hall- seems to support someone walked across the room and was not merely reflected...however TV cameras and lighting can be very without more data or a will hard to say.