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Components (from the USAF and other reports):Various claims as to the physical nature of the actual experiments have varied, ranging from 25 balloons, to 600 foot long balloon “trains”. Without better data it is difficult to determine if these may be referencing the same description using different terms.
Note: None of these components were classified. In fact just prior to Roswell a farmer in Circleville, Ohio found just such a balloon and it appeared in the local paper. What is claimed as top secret were the specific combinations of these elements (including a radiosonde microphone and constant level high altitude balloons).
  • “Cluster of (meteorological) balloons” – twenty-five 350-gram balloons spaced at 20 ft. intervals (a typical balloon used a single, 350-gram neoprene balloon and a radiosonde housed in a cardboard box).
  • “a ‘regular sonobuoy’” (elsewhere a sonobuoy is described as an AN/CRT-1A Sonabouy…cylindrical, nearly 2 feet long and 4 ¾ inches wide, weighing 13 pounds. Moore, project engineer, and Dr. Peoples, project head, experiment with s substitute-tracking device in place of a radiosonde recorder/microphone)
  • A radar target “a multi sided object” resembles a box kite constructed of balsa wood and metalized paper”;
  • several radar targets (3-5).
  • Radiosonde housed in a cardboard box (see above)Plastic ballast tubes
  • Parchment parachutes
  • Black “cutoff” box containing portions of a weather instrument.(A FBI note of July 9, 1947 lists a “hexagon”, or six sided item thought to be a standard Rawin radar target (Kevin Randle, E-mail 21 May 2001).
For more information on the pros and cons of the Project Mogul explanation, I recommend this scientific report, An Engineer looks at Project Mogul and this is the official "skeptical" version, Roswell and Project Mogul .
An illuminating article that raises many, many questions can be found in Sheridan Cavitt and the Roswell Debris Anyone who has read the debunking or criticisms of Major Marcel should read this and then research the news reports from 1947 looking for Sheridan's name. It can be interesting reading.

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