Sunday, May 24, 2009

Southeast Oklahoma Memorial Day Weekend Bigfoot Expedition

Bigfoot hunters headed into the densely wooded Kiamichi Mountains this weekend searching for Oklahoma's own elusive variant of Sasquatch. Comprised primarily of Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center members, the team, headed by D. W. Lee, chose this region for its long-history of activity. Events last year in Honobia and a prior encounter in Chelsea (where Lee claims to have seen three Bigfoot troops crossing a field) left a lasting impression - literally. Photographs and plaster casts of various 15 inch tracks have been collected from all over the region. In prior expeditions, the team - armed with night-vision, audio recorders, and video cameras - have had rocks thrown at them as the sat around the campfire. When they come that close, Lee says, the team members could see the creatures' eyes glint in the flickering firelight - about eight feet off the ground.

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Cullan Hudson said...

UPDATE! Track cast, hair samples found.