Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mysteries and Legends of Utah

This coming week, I will be away on vacation. While I will attempt to keep my posting up to some extent (probably more so on facebook page), I will certainly be reposting some "Best Of" Strange State entries from the past few years. Since I will be in Utah for part of my trip, I thought taking a look back at this great book would be a great place to start.

"As far back as the lanterns cast their dusty glow, he could see more skeletons, some wearing ancient Spanish armor, their leather pouches and knife sheaths still perfectly intact. There were two large, golden disks, taller than a man, each one engraved with words of a language Caleb had never seen. He couldn't fathom their value. Skeletons were adorned with elaborate feathers, jewels and gold artifacts he did not recognize. He had a thousand questions. Could these golden disks, strange masks, anklets and breastplates belong to the ancient Lamanite people written about in the Book of Mormon? Young Caleb only hoped he lived long enough to find out the answers."

So goes a particularly thrilling section of Utah author Michael O'Reilly's book "Mysteries and Legends of Utah: True Stories of the Unsolved and Unexplained (Globe Pequot Press). In commenting on this section (his favorite, by the way), O'Reilley adds, "The most interesting thing is the quest for the gold and how it ties in with the Church [of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints] and their need for gold."

Also included in this work, which retails for $14.95 are accounts of UFOs and Aliens, Bigfoot, Historic Legends, and all the rest. Check it out here . It looks like a fun book for Utah lovers or just fans of such mysteries. However, I will add that I was disappointed in the cover art Globe Pequot Press supplied O'Reilley's work. It's as if they don't want this book to be found among thousands of others lining the bookstore shelves.


Marilyn A. said...

It amazes me how bland some publishers are. Thanks for the dynamic covers you did for me! Buyers always comment on the look of the covers. It makes them pick them up!

Michael E. O'Reilly said...


thanks for the review. Good luck with your latest project.