Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baseball Team Fears All That Goes Bump In The Night

Team members of the Marlins baseball team staying at Milwaukee's famously haunted Pfister Hotel began bunking up in rooms to avoid sleeping alone.

Apparently the 116 year-old hotel was too much for these macho men of the mound. While staying at the Pfister for their upcoming games against the local Brewers, several of the players began to share rooms in fear of the ghosts said to haunt the old hotel.

Chief among these spirits is that of Charles Pfister, who first opened the hotel in 1893. He has been spotted on numerous occasions and described as a well-dressed, heavy-set older man seen strolling the minstrel's gallery. Visitors puzzled by his anachronistic appearance are soon startled to learn from seeing Pfister's portrait that he was the man they had witnessed.

Other sports figures have had experiences in the hotel too, including Dodger Adrian Beltre. He reportedly slept with his baseball bat. Minnesota's Carlos Gomez had strange encounters involving his iPod only last summer. The device kept turning on by itself.

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