Thursday, April 23, 2009

Early Mt. View Ghosts

Ethel C. Krepps, wrote in a 1979 True West article (March-April, pg. 10f) about the lives of early day Kiowa in what became Oklahoma. It is a fascinating compilation of articles sharing accounts of how people of many races and heritages contributed to what is known as Oklahoma. The article, “A Strong Medicine Wind” is reprinted in Oklahoma Memories (University of Oklahoma Press, 1981), edited by Anne Hodges Morgan and Rennard Strickland.

In one section of the article, dealing with mourning and grieving customs among these native peoples in Oklahoma, mention is made of Krepp’s grandfather. On at least two occasions, the author informs us, the man was witness to ghosts of departed children and relatives. One is particularly intriguing because the youthful ghost seemed to casually walk around inspecting things before fading to never be seen again. The sightings occurred in the homestead, lands, and nearby church while the man resided in, and around, the area of Mt. View.

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Judy AKA "Spookannie" said...

I love my home state. It is such a melting pot. You always find interesting things to share. I always enjoy reading your posts.