Friday, March 20, 2009

Battleground Ghost or Frightening New Technology?

This one is really weird. This video begins with a roadside bomb at 00:40. Thereafter, the tank seems to grind to a halt and three soldiers dash offscreen to the right. Then another tank arrives, followed by several support vehicles. Beginning at 2:58, we see a figure race back from the right of the screen. Now, you may need to review this several times and compare this sole figure to all the others that pass by this same section of the screen.

It's weird; this figure seems to appear from nowhere and slowly resolve before our eyes. Granted, the figure was running pretty fast, so what we are seeing may simply be an artifact of the video camera. But others on the Internet (who have confirmed him as an insurgent) are positing theories ranging from ghosts to some new "cloaking" technology. While I'm no expert on such matters, my concerns are, first, that the figures represent two opposing forces (I can't be certain of this) and, second, that the soldier who moves around to the front of the tank seems aware of the strange figure as he climbs on top and eventually disappears within. Either way, there is something very strange in this video.

Does this footage show some strange new technology, proof of battleground spirits, or is it simply an artefact of frame speed? Further analysis of the original video would be required, but I can't see anyone getting their hands on it anytime soon.


Judy AKA "Spookannie" said...

I'm trying to figure out what Osama will say on his next tape: "We've got you now, infidels! There is no escape. All suicide bombers who allow themselves to be shot before detonation must now scare 10 of you to death before he can get his virgins). He will make you go poopy in your panties in your tankies . . ."

Anyway, as I read in a comment somewhere, it moves like a Power Ranger or some other video avatar. And, no, I don't think they have invented technology to make a soldier invisible.

Cullan Hudson said...

I had wondered about some sort of CGI work myself, or superimposed image. It did move awkwardly, like every other frame was missing to make it seem "speeded up".