Monday, March 16, 2009

Pass the tartar sauce, World Record Fish

Perhaps the largest stingray ever recorded. Weighing upwards of 600 pounds, the mammoth freshwater specimen was caught in central Thailand on January 28, 2009. The animal is over 6 feet in rough circumference, and with the tail (missing) it would have been close to 16 feet long.The giant species is relatively new on the radar of scientists like University of Nevada biologist Zeb Hogan who has been hunting such things for the Megafishes Project, which documents the 20-plus species of giant fresh water fish. These giant stingrays have been known only since 1989. And this isn't Thailand's only megafish. The world's largest catfish, the Mekong, weighed in at 646 pounds.
So don't skoff too loudly at those one-that-got-away stories from fisherman. You never know what is lurking in those murky depths.

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kap said...

I thought of you just now while reading about the new fossil sea monster with the mega-bite capabilities due to a 10 foot long head.