Monday, February 16, 2009

Elusive UFO Maneuver or Sad State of US Schools?

This was posted over at Phantoms and Monsters. The subtext indicated that there is a white spot (presumed to be a UFO) in the sky prior to the cloud formation and that it was creating the cloud in order to hide.

What I see is a tiny speck of condensed water vapor at the onset of the video, quickly followed by more condensing water vapor. I assume everyone knows how clouds form? So, when the ignorant fellow on the video says 'there are no clouds in the sky', as if that somehow heightens the mystery, I have to seriously wonder about the educational system in the U.S. Clouds aren't animals. You don't need to see a mommy cloud and a daddy cloud for a baby cloud to form.

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kap said...

If clouds don't have mommies, I'm giving up my ambition to float around in the sky.

After hiking up from the Pueblo Bonito ruins in Chaco Canyon on an unseasonably hot day, we rested in the shade of a rock, and I watched the one visible cloud dissipate. It was quick and very interesting to watch (I'm admittedly easy to entertain), and it made a nice, memorable moment in a fine day full of memorable moments. Now I learn I should have been waving bye-bye to the departing space ship that no longer needed cloud cover...Durn. Next time.