Friday, February 27, 2009

And The Nominees Are...

Below are several nomination categories for a Paranormal "Best of" that I will put together later. As for now, I am looking forward to reader feedback on who and what should be included as the nominees. If you also have suggestions for additional categories (and who or what should populate that category), please feel free to submit those as well. Don't worry about e-mails, etc.. I'll make this easy: just put your suggestions in a comment. I look forward to reading what everyone thinks.

And to make things simple, we will be using "paranormal" as a catch-all term to encompass various disciplines: Ghosts, Cryptozoology, UFOlogy... I know some don't like the term, but it is the most accurate and inclusive.

Best Paranormal Team
Best Paranormal Website/Blog
Best Paranormal-themed TV Program (serial)
Best Paranormal-themed TV Program (stand-alone: documentary, news report, etc...)
Best Paranormal-themed Film (dramatized)
Best Paranormal Personality
Best Paranormal Author (nonfiction)
Best Paranormal Author (fiction)
Best Paranormal Radio or Podcast Program
Best Paranormal City/State/Country
Best Paranormal Story

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