Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weekly Newsletter Surfaces To Serve Crypto Community.

Only Weekly Newsletter Focusing on Cryptozoology

ARLINGTON, VA, Jan. 5 -- Bigfoot. Sea serpents. Lake monsters. Black panthers and mysterious big cats. Chupacabra. Strange reptiles.

Chances are you won't find in-depth articles on these and other crypto-creatures in your local newspaper or in academic journals. Blogs do a great job of keeping enthusiasts up-to-date on the latest sightings, but what's been missing from the crypto field is a regular weekly publication that brings readers more analytical, in-depth articles on cryptid-related phenomena -- a newsletter that goes beyond hyperlinks and daily headlines to bring readers information they simply can't find anywhere else.

Enter The Cryptid Chronicles, the new weekly newsletter written by David Acord, a veteran Washington D.C. reporter and editor who brings more than a dozen years of experience to his true passion -- cryptozoology. Each week subscribers receive 12 pages' worth of investigative reporting and analysis on the hottest crypto topics from ancient times to the present delivered straight to their e-mail inboxes in PDF format.

"The best thing about The Cryptid Chronicles is that it also brings you stories on cryptozoological phenomena that you've never heard of, broadening your knowledge of the field," Acord said. "We delve deep into the archives to discover long-lost stories of strange critters roaming America and the world. Anyone who’s interested can log on to our Web site and download a free sample issue. You’ll find stories about the whistling snakes of the eastern United States, the ‘whatsit’ from North Dakota and anomalous lizard sightings going all the way back to 1900. "The free issue is a great example of what The Cryptid Chronicles is all about," Acord added. "There’s so much more to learn about cryptozoology. Our newsletter is the missing link for anyone interested in strange creatures."

The Cryptid Chronicles is a weekly electronic newsletter. Each issue is sent to your e-mail address in PDF format, so you can print it out (if you want) or read it straight from your computer screen. And the best part is the price -- you get an entire year (52 weekly 12-page issues) for the low price of just $29.95. That works out to just 57 cents an issue -- less than the price of a candy bar or pack of gum. We guarantee it's the best cryptozoological value you'll find in today's economy!

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RRRGroup said...

Subscription newsletters, in an otherwise free internet climate, go under rather quickly.

We wish the Cryptid Chronicles good luck nonetheless.

(We'll continue to fish for freebies.)


Cullan Hudson said...

I realize everyone's trying to earn a buck these days. I can only hope that - being a journalist - he will aggressively track down stories to write, instead of just conveying stories already out there or commenting on them (both are abundantly free). I would suggest ad revenue and make it free. But it might be hard to crunch the market numbers when pitching that to advertisers.