Friday, January 9, 2009

Random Rant

Generally, I don't post off-topic much, but seeing how it is the new year, I would like certain things to forever go away. My wish list:

Reading articles with the "cutesy" phonetically abbreviated words: natch, sitch, def, etc... I'm sure these writers think it makes them look hip, urbane - "with it". Unfortunately, it makes them seem more like tools.

The nonstop media diarrhea that has given headline status to Page 6 gossip, especially if it involves conjoined names (Brangelina, for example) or the incessant fascination with hook-ups and break-ups. It reduces the "media" to a gaggle of emotionally immature and clueless adolescents. "Such-and-such was spotted shopping in Beverly Hills - alone! Does this mean it's finally over with This-and-that?" As if anyone - married, dating, single - can't go out and by a pair of jeans without the stalkarazzi questioning the motives behind every scratch of their butt.

And while we're on this topic, the coverage of faux celebrities (a la reality TV) should be banned as well. These contrivances serve only as egregious reminders of how plastic and banal American culture is becoming. In fact, I will take it one step further: my eyes should never, while flipping through channels, have to be affronted by the likes of The Hills, The City, or anything of that nature.

There are more, of course. So many more. Unfortunately, this is all I will harangue you with at the moment. The biggest problem with all of them is their recent ubiquity. Only a few years ago, you had to go to specific gossip shows, columns, and blogs to find these stories. They were (rightfully) beneath the concerns of legitimate journalists. Sadly, in an increasingly dumbed-down America suffering from an ever-lagging economy, major news networks have been forced to stoop to that level in an obvious play for this ever-growing market.


Anonymous said...

Well put. I couldn't agree with you more.

Buck said...

Thou art preaching to the choir, my friend!

I don't even get the basic premise of so many of these "reality" shows. I suppose emotionally and intellectually vapid people who make the poor dolts who watch them feel like members of the intelligentsia by comparison.

Word Woman said...

It is only likely to get worse. With the move to digital TV - I fear the choices are going to be so reduced as to what is seen or heard. I scan the cable listings and find 37 sports channels, 10 filed with reruns, and 7 that are duplicates of other channels...look closer and then you find that only about 4 corporations actually own all of these and then it comes as no surprise there is a lack of freshness or old style journalism. It is like the boat designed by the marketing department - boy it looks good but can't sail worth a dime!

RRRGroup said...

Could we be in more agreement?

Right on the button, Cullan.