Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oklahoman Speaks Out About Bigfoot, Her People

In giving a voice to Native Americans, the We Shall Remain miniseries (airing on many PBS stations in April 2009) has provided a forum for native legends - including Bigfoot.

20-year-old Clarissa Archilta from Apache, OK recounts in one episode an encounter she had a year ago. Archilta and her sister were returning home after the funeral of an aunt when they spotted the creature as it dashed across the road ahead of them.

The experience was profound, and at the urging of her sister, she spoke about it on film via projects like ReelNative. Now, with the help of PBS' American Experience, Archilta is brining her story to a broader audience. In the process, she - and others - hope to eradicate stereotypes and educate others on who Native Americans truly are: everyday people with everyday stories. Even when they're about Bigfoot.

Read more about Archilta and the project here and and coalitions

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Word Woman said...

This is great. Some of these stories go back so much further than European occupation that when the Native population bravely shares the long standing stories, legends, and their own contemporary experiences, it all adds to the body of evidence concerning this creature's existence. Together, as both strands of experience and observation, are added to the mix the case for this creature only becomes stronger.