Friday, January 16, 2009

Loss of Desire

I find myself more and more these days fatigued at reading the latest accounts of the supposedly strange and paranormal. It all leaves me cold - or wanting to throw a brick at someone's head. I keep waiting for that "something" that will ignite a fire beneath me and I'll feel like writing about the topic with passion. But it's not there. Instead, in reading articles and blogs, I'm simply left with a lot people who are stupidly and quite easily impressed by blurred images, blobs of color, unsubstatiated hearsay, and the endless quest for para-celebrity. And frankly, there is very little of paranormal interest going on in the world right now. Sure, people are posting (often about events in the past), but if you ever had doubts that it's all a sociological phenomenon, this might be it. It's the start of the new year, everyone's getting back on track, refocusing. There's a recession, credit cards to pay off, and taxes to file soon. There's simply no time for the paranormal. Does this mean it's still going on but we're too busy to notice? Or could it mean that we're too busy to conjure it up?

Fortunately, I've been focusing on my fiction more and more these days. It's a realm where I can fully explore the themes, motives, and textures of the paranormal and those who follow it. I hope to have some work out in the next couple of months, which will be available from this site. In the meantime, I wait for something to shake me up and get me excited again - get me out of these doldrums.


RRRGroup said...

I feel exactly as you do -- great minds?

Anyway, it may be time to move in another direction, something more existentially meaningful (whatever that may be).


Cullan Hudson said...

Perhaps. However, I've never been one for the "deeper" meaning to anything. In my experience, an over-examined life is not worth living.

OPD-1 said... need some Viagra of the intellect? Instead of Flouride in the water or the toothpaste there's an add-in! The little pill for BIG brain results!!!!

Buck said...

Deja Vu all over again. Yes, as you know I've felt much the same way and have turned to working on a novel rather than spending hour upon hour trying to conjure up anything of interest in the paranormal world.

I had a client interview tonight and as we drove to the site my friend and I talked about this exact issue and how it's just the same old junk rehashed ad nauseum.

Even speaking to a potential client failed to pique my interest as it quickly became aware that much of their problem was grief, neurosis and much too much of Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State.

kap said...

I enjoy creating a fictional world where paranormal is real. Don't think there's been a grainy photo with an unidentifiable blob in any of them. What a relief.