Saturday, January 31, 2009

Brave New World Order

Unsettling implications on just how pervasive "uberveillance" might become. It brings to mind the chilling undertones of the song below, which arose just after the post 9/11 Big Brother antics in the United Kingdom.


Ken Summers said...

Oops... you have video technical difficulties. You used the embed code instead of the link! lol

It's a scary world out there. Sci-fi is often only a reality which hasn't yet occurred. And it wouldn't surprise me... interesting thought since Big Brother already exists in the form of satellites and surveillance cameras.

The Pet Shop Boys are often good at pointing out things about society. The video for "Dj Culture" was another good example, during the Gulf War. On the same album "Integral" is on (Fundamental), the song 'Twentieth Century' also touches on our woes.

Another side note about the album: the first song, 'Psychological', touches on the paranormal. Tennant is a disbeliever, as is evident by the song...

Cullan Hudson said...

I didn't know that about "Psychological", but I did get the jab (or I presumed it to be) at Emo/Goth kids: "asymetric haircut and a painted eye".

Cullan Hudson said...

Yeah, I goofed and put the embed code in a link. All fixed now. I couldn't find the official video version with the album version of the song. It's harder to hear the lyrics in the single mix.

Ken Summers said...

I've never seen the video for Psychological, but I have the 2-disk album (the other disk is Fundamentalism... remixed songs). I've known for a long time that Neil thinks ghosts and the paranormal is a crock. That's why "it's psychological... all in the mind."

He has a habit of poking fun at almost everyone... if they're smart enough to figure it out. That could be why I like the boys. They have reasonably intelligent lyrics. Of course, ever since Release, the vast majority of the songs have been a bit on the depressing side. He hasn't had an easy life, from what I've heard through the grapevine.

Interesting side note: I almost dated one of Neil's friends. lol