Monday, November 3, 2008

UFO Crash, MIB's, and Some Guy Named Bob

Earlier this year, something careened across the skies of Nevada and came to rest silently near Needles, CA. According to a mysterious eyewitness, the object came to earth approximately five miles up the Colorado River from Topock Marina. The strange goings-on thereafter (black helicopters and sinister paramilitary personnel) left no evidence but many unanswered questions.

Now, Las Vegas reporters have dug deeper into the mysteries surrounding what has come to be viewed as a crashed UFO.

The biggest question mark left in the object's wake involved the whereabouts of this mysterious witness, known only as "Bob". Purported to live on a houseboat at Topock Marina, Bob was so hard to track down, many begun to wonder if he even existed.

Apparently, what happened was that when the story broke, Bob - fearful of Men In Black reprisals - dropped off the grid. He avoided reporters, UFO hunters, and especially law enforcement.

Further fueling the flames of his paranoia was a very real wildfire that erupted near the marina the night before a TV crew was scheduled to shoot a report. Although the wildfire was not located near the "crash site", Bob wondered still if there was not some sinister connection.

If Bob's story is not very credible, it is at least interesting to note that reporters from Las Vegas were able to confirm from transponder readings that there was at least one military helicopter in the vicinity that night. They also discovered that a retinue of Night Stalkers (a military special-operations group) was at the Henderson Airport around the same time.

While these facts seem tentatively confirmed by journalists, the less easily pinned down aspects of this story remain enigmas.
Both Bob and KTOX radio employee Paul Fix claimed to have seen strange men about Needles the morning after the crash. They drove blacked out vehicles and were possessed of a "stiff looking" demeanor. Dave Hayes, KTOX owner, spotted these strange vehicles and their occupants after Bob first called into the radio station. Soon, others in town began calling in similar reports. Some even claimed to have been interviewed aggressively by strangers with a military bearing.

Photojournalist Matt Adams believes he captured photos of these Men in Black. And after an up-close encounter, he has become convinced they do work for some secret government agency.

As for the "crash site" itself? By the time local reporters were able to get on site, storms had scarred the landscape and the salt cedar had grown too dense to penetrate easily. Apparently, the pen is not mightier than the sword - or a machete.


OPD-1 said...

He was misdirection placed there to start the whole high strangeness report and judge public reaction. "They" are toying with us....

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Bob had a very bad day.