Friday, November 21, 2008

And More Strangeness From The Joplin Area

"Prosperity, Missouri, once a thriving mining town, lived up to its name from 1902 until about 1917. In 1907, the two-story Prosperity School was built in the heart of the Tri-state mining district, which had churches, saloons, general stores, hotels, and now a fine, large school of red brick and Carthage stone. It's a very active site filled with many spirits. Some are even children! After asking the spirits to appear I got this on my camcorder. I was blown away. We have this slowed down so you can see the lttle guy better!" [from the YouTube poster]


RRRGroup said...


There's a light source, obviously, and the clip should have been shown in real time by the YouTuber, as slowing it down adds a kind of eeriness that really isn't there.

Context is everything, and this video doesn't provide any.


Cullan Hudson said...

I agree. I take most everything on YouTube with a HUGE grain of salt. There is no way at all to authenticate and verify this video. It is simply there to enjoy however one wishes...

Anonymous said...


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