Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Puzzling Mystery of Mylar in Latin American Cultures

I'm growing weary of this... CLICK HERE And they all seem to be coming out of Latin America where the rare and mysterious mylar party balloon must be like seeing bloody tears streaming from a bust of the Madonna. While this purports to be a Discovery Channel film crew, I am dubious. I would like think they could hold a camera steadier than your average YouTube moron. And I am equally weary of the now classic "it looks like it could be ____ but I have my doubts. I see ____ in the video and ____ that could indicate this is really a ______" Translation: I have a belief structure I don't wish to shake and therefore I will see what I want to see so that I don't have to shed those beliefs.


Cullan Hudson said...

Some of you may have detected a note of... bitterness? in my post. But I have had a week from hell and I will readily admit this colored how I approached wording this post. It does not, however, mitigate my disdain for these sightings, which have become to UFOlogy what Orbs are to investigations of haunting phenomena.

Gralien said...

Hi Cullan,

Just wanted to say thanks for linking to my site, as well as the kind words. Sorry to hear you've had a bad week... here's to the start of a better one!

I like your insights on this, as well as the fact that you point out that Mylar balloons are frequently used in the Latin American hoaxes. This is likely the case with the alleged "Sky Squid," lol! However, and with regard to your comments on belief structure, etc, I thought you may also appreciate this excerpt from a post I did earlier today:

"Skepticism, for many, is the bane of the true paranormalist’s existence, but for Pete’s sake, I’m a skeptic! That doesn’t mean I don’t believe… it just means that I don’t believe unless I have been given enough evidence. Besides, John Keel famously said that 'belief is the enemy'. Therefore, skepticism must actually be our friend after all!"

Take care, and all the best,

Micah A. Hanks
The Gralien Report

Cullan Hudson said...

LOL! Thanks for the thoughts. Having lived in a Latin American UFO hotspot for almost two years, my threshold for such antics is probably pretty low.

dethmama said...

So whose quinceanera did that thing escape from?

Andrea said...

Sorry about your week. I know exactly how you feel.

I'm not much into UFOlogy but if, as you say, its like how some people perceive orbs, I can understand your disdain for it.

Buck said...

Oh my, some poor balloon seller is out a day's wages or some kids is crying BIG time. LOL

Could anyone EVER think that's not a bunch of mylar balloons?

Life must be boring in Latin America.