Sunday, June 1, 2008


Out of Denver comes the strange, seemingly attention-grabbing antics of Jeff Peckman and Stan Romanek who claim possession of proof that aliens are among us - we just can't see it yet. In the meantime, Peckman is working hard to petition an ammendment to the state constitution that would establish a sort of Bureau of Extraterrestrial Affairs.

This story begins five years ago, in July 2003, when Stan Romanek shot video of what he claims are aliens peering in through the window of his home in Nebraska. At the urging of others he decides to video tape them. However, what happens between then and now remains questionable and apparently absurd enough that Larry King himself didn't bother to push for answers.

It seems that Romanek showed the video to an unnamed group of "scientists" who have quite nearly commanded that he not show the evidence to the public prior to the release of their findings. However, the video had been shown to the Rocky Mountain News and a few other select journalists (King is not among them) with the sole proviso that they could not photograph or videotape the "proof". On Larry King Live, Romanek and Peckman intimate that the video is wrapped up in top secret agenda by the government. Unfortunately without evidence presented, we are left only with the stuttering digital movements of "reenacted" aliens displayed as filler on King's show. Something tells me these will be far better than the real thing, should it ever come to light.


Buck said...

Aliens and UFO's have never been my thing. I do have friends out here in AZ who are very into the whole thing though.

But, I just can't quite get past the "nutty" factor of much of it. There are a lot of "ghost" hoaxes, sure. Heck, now that I work with SPI they come in the email! But, they're usually low key. There's no great attempt to make money off them and such so they remain a nuisance to us but essentially harmless.

However, in the cryptozoology and UFO/Alien fields there seems to be a real desire to bilk people out of money with "exclusive" videos and such.

I have no doubt that all this is bunk. What's going to happen is all the airtime these jokers get, followed by the hype of their "Top Secret" video, and finally just as things peak they'll release a DVD of a "Special Report" full of the "scientists" who no one has heard of or who are media whores and then at the very end three seconds of some grainy kid peeping through a window wearing an ET Halloween mask or something along those lines!

And you'll get that plus your handy dandy tinfoil hat for the low, low price of $29.95 + S/H!

RRRGroup said...


This seemed so bogus, and King was holding the interviews with tongue in cheek it seemed to me.

And why is the thing just getting publicity now, several years after the supposed video was taken?

This kind of thing is what has killed legitimate investigation of the UFO phenomenon (or phenomena, as we here put it).


Word Woman said...

The still photo seen lately on the 'Net looks like a cardboard cutout or merely shadows giving a false positive. Society is like a cake with ample shares of nuts in each piece.