Saturday, June 28, 2008

Head Injury Releases Psychic Potential, Ghosts Seen

In 1991, Walt Bauer, a Philadelphia man, fell headfirst into heavy machinery, knocking free his hardhat and leaving him with a concussion. Since that time, Bauer claims to be able to see ghosts.

His earliest experience came when the ghost of a young man spoke to him moments prior to an episode of "Unsolved Mysteries". The ghost, whom he could not see, told Bauer that in 1987 he and his girlfriend had been murdered while camping near Seattle. Their story, the ghost said, would be told during this episode of the program. Bauer was astonished to see the story unfold just as the spirit said it did.

Was he going crazy? Had he become psychic? Bauer was frightened and confused. And what purpose did the spectral visitation of a Seattle spirit have in telling a Philadelphia man about the forthcoming broadcast?

A few nights later, Bauer witnessed an amorphous shadow standing near a friend of his wife. The vaguely human-shaped presence gave Bauer the impression that this was somehow the woman's grandfather. He then approached the woman, describing to her how she had nearly died only days before when she nearly pulled in front of a truck running a red-light. Somehow, however, she couldn't release the break to pull forward. If it hadn't gotten stuck, she might have died.
The woman was shocked. She and her husband had told no one of the near miss.

Bauer told her that her grandfather's spirit was watching over her. It was he who prevented the brake from releasing.

Everyone was flabbergasted that this blue-collar Joe was now the medium through which the spirit world could communicate.

Bauer continued to have more spectral visions, seeing spirits of the dead en masse even. He spoke to many. They would give him messages to pass on to those still living. He even saw more famous ghosts such as Civil War general and former President, Ulysses S. Grant while touring a historic location.

While he routinely saw apparitions and heard ghostly voices, they have tapered off since his accident in 1991. This begs the question, was his sudden psychic ability brought on by trauma received in his fall? This would explain its sudden appearance after his accident as well as its gradual lessening as time passes.

Would this mean we all might possess latent psychic faculties that need only be triggered? If so, I'll keep my hardhat on for the time being.


keith johnson said...

The same thing happened with me after my closed TBI in 1995. Not only have I seen 'spirits' of both good and bad natures, my wife believe that it has somehow opened some kind of 'porthole' in my soul. As of right now, I have healed with the exception of memory problems and inability to endure even short stresses. Currently, we are having a problem in one room where object flies off counter and hits the wall every 2 or 3 days. She confirmed one sighting, and my mother confirmed another while we were at church. I also had syethisia (seeing music as colors and shapes). It has sense gone away. Yes, there IS something to this theory, but I don't know how it works... nor anyone, it seems.

martin said...

My girlfriend just suffered a head injury and suffers amnesia. She saw " smoke"around the place I was living when I first brought her to after the injury. Sparing a long story, I suspected smoke was her name for spirits. The house had a history of sightings and alot of people had died there. During Christmas away from our new home together, she showed me nonchalantly a pic she had taken of "smoke." I was at first skeptical, then spooked. If my pic goes through to you, I assure you that the figure in the top upper left is not a truck or photo shopped. I ran across your site while googling tbi associated with seeing ghosts and thought I'd share.still
trying to figure out how to upload a pic.

martin said...

Tell me how to get you the pic if you're interested. I'm not savvy. I'm 48 years old and a millworker, not a techy person.

Cullan Hudson said...

Like me on Facebook and post the image to the timeline or upload it in a private message. You can click "like" on the facebook interface in the right hand column of this blog.

martin said...

I think I deleted my fac3book. Wasn't good at it. There's a huge story since I last posted. I could write a novel. Now I'm seeing golf ball sized, a first, now smaller this morning, and lots of them. Tried for a long time to capture on film. Got one.running away leaving a tracer. But can zoom in and see if never the less. They run as soon as I click the shutter on my galaxy s4. 13 megapixels. Theyve figured out some way to fuzz up t he focus since. Will try later to show you.