Monday, April 21, 2008


After posting the recent reminder concerning the upcoming Roswell UFO Festival, I have to wonder why isn't there a comprehensive paranormal conference in Oklahoma. Sure, we have some great paracons put on by various local teams that primarily specialize in ghosts and hauntings but it is a rare thing to find panel-discussions, speakers, presenters, and booths dedicated to UFO's, cryptzoology, or other popular anomalist disciplines.

I do know that cryptozoologists tend to distance themselves from the term "paranormal." And the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy does hold annual conferences with many attendees and speakers from Oklahoma. Of course, Honobia holds its annual Bigfoot Days. Ten years ago, you could find several active Oklahoma Bigfoot groups. Not so much these days.

I don't, frankly, know much about what the UFO people do - or don't do. They're more reserved, insular. There was a time when UFOlogy was BIG. Oklahoma had several large groups and a couple of prominent investigators. That all seemed to die out, perhaps with a shift in attitude from "keep watching the skies" to "start watching your back." Paranoia really began to rule as conspiracy theories outweighed observations in magazines and on the Internet.

It seems like all of these groups, which still report regular sightings, could benefit from the "buzz" such a collaborative event could instill. Many, like myself, could sell those books they've toiled endless, thankless hours to bring to fruition. Others, the latest ghost hunting technology or digital game cameras and scent traps for the Bigfoot crowd. Even if it meant having to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those "paranormal" people, it would be a big boon to Oklahoma tourism and the economy. Local businesses and the media could help sponsor it to defray costs and keep admissions and fees low and profits high for those who have booths.

Anyway, this is my idea. Of course, I've been sitting on it for several years now and haven't done a thing about it. Perhaps someone reading will be inspired and take up the torch. Or, like me, you might just be wondering at this point if Such-And-Such has yet replied to that e-mail you sent earlier ...

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