Monday, April 28, 2008

Going Down River?

After watching a repeat of UFO Hunters yesterday, I noticed that the Stephensville Flap in Texas this winter, which they pointed out moved south to Houston over the course of two months, was following the Brazos River. There isn't really much to make out of that at this point. But it is an intriguing piece of the puzzle.


RRRGroup said...


What is the intriguing aspect of the river-tracing?

The Stephenville episodes have been botched by media and the UFO Hunters, as you've noted, but apparently you see something in the water-route of the alleged UFOs.

What might that be?


Cullan Hudson said...

At present, without better data, there is not much to make of it other than the coincidence. However, If I were speculating... It could represent the migrational route of water fowl. I know many people hate this explanation but misidentification should always be the first thing to rule out in any case such as this. If it doesn't explain all sightings, it might at least rule out some of the "noise".