Wednesday, March 12, 2008


In 2000, several police departments across Indiana, Missouri, and Illinois had the same strange experience of tracking a large, silent, triangular shape across the skies. In the late 1990’s Phoenix residents reported seeing large, silent, black triangles in the desert sky as well. The suggested explanations tend to fall on the side of an as-yet undisclosed stealth type craft, perhaps a “stealth blimp.” Top secret craft in development is a lot easier to swallow than a spaceship from another time, place, or dimension (these were also suggested as explanations).

The problem is that sightings of such triangular craft are not new. In fact they appear to be much older than first realized and this is what makes them very interesting. They fall outside the accepted “flying saucer” so enmeshed in popular culture and, in fact, were often set aside by early UFO researchers. “Too out there” they'd say. Or these reports did not fit the stereotype accepted by the public.

Two luminous triangles were observed against the moon’s surface in July of 1882 (allegedly according to Scientific American, volume 46, pg. 49). In 1955, an CIA file details the launch of a triangle craft from a field with lights at each tip. The APRO Bulletin (Aug, 1955, pg. 9) lists a March 30 sighting of a silver, triangle shaped object hovering over Wright-Patterson AFB and an Aug 11 sighting near Cairo, Illinois described as “dark, middle part bluish-green, and the back very bright” (author: perhaps due to lights or power source?) . In Sept. 1956 (ibid) there was a sighting near Helena , Montana of a triangle craft. NICAP UFO Investigator reported in Sept-Oct. of 1964 that Robert Briele of Baltimore observed a triangle with lights at each tip and “a small red light in the center” and noted no sound was heard. Youth camping in Maryland in 1968 provided a drawing that could be the mirror image of the craft reported by the 2000 police officers (for info visit Other witnesses to these craft have reported a red light as well.

The presence of white lights and a blinking red light would seem to support a craft using FAA regulations as to lights. Maybe ET has to follow the rules too! It would take something very special to remain a top secret military or government aircraft for 50 years! Yet, the presence of such early reports of similar craft is far more compelling than the vast field of look-alike pie tin photos of the same time period. If you throw money up into the air along with a variety of brightly colored confetti – can you be sure that it will be the money that catches the eye? Maybe – maybe – amid the plethora of UFO accounts there has been a consistent thread of sightings related to something very, very real? Maybe a craft triangular in nature?
--- Guest Blogger from Spellbound Stories.

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