Thursday, January 10, 2008

The TRANS-Atlantic Paranormal Society

I didn't catch last night's premier of Ghost Hunters International. I tried to view it on the website but they were having problems. So, for the moment, I cannot comment on this new branch of the show. At first, I thought that perhaps the old team were getting out of the "biz" to focus on family more (a lament they often proclaimed) but, as the commercials attest, a new season will be starting up soon.
I am also excited to see that they will be launching a UFO Hunters later this year. I curious to know how that's going to work out since, by and large, UFO's are far rarer than haunting phenomena. One cannot simply go to a give location and expect to see them as you might with a haunted house. If it is investigations of documents, photos, videos from the past, then they will have to try VERY hard to impress us with something we haven't seen before. That is all very well traveled territory.
If all of these shows (Monsterquest, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State) could manage to find their respective ways onto the same cable network, that would just be fantastic. Ghosts, etc... aren't exactly science fiction (SciFi) and I simply don't get A&E's focus anymore. At least the history channel delves into the history of paranormal phenomena and the travel channel shows you the various paranormal locales one can visit. Still, if they'd put it all on one channel that would be great. Although, I realize that the cryptozoologists hate the term "Paranormal."


Wind said...

Maybe a new term should be coined- maybe "Crytonormality" or "Scientific Investigations into the Nature of Normalacy" (SINN)? :)

Cullan Hudson is said...

Some like the catchall phrase "anomalist" for those who study multiple disciplines of unexplained phenomena. So, perhaps something with the root word, anomaly? Alienology? Ignotology? Abscoditology? Latitology? The list probably goes on and on...