Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Paper Dolls - Hard To Find Horror

This preview makes me want to track this film down.

Paper Dolls is a smart and terrifying psychological thriller set near the beautiful landscape of Glacier National Park, Montana. Two high school friends, Travis and Nate, are on a road trip to Canada when they're attacked by mysterious and viscious creatures. Nate is stolen into the woods and Travis will stop at nothing to get him back. Travis recruits Nate's older brother Chris to bring an arsenal and wage war against these monsters in an effort to retrieve Nate. Paper Dolls dishes out scare after scare, twist after twist, completely redefining the legend of Sasquatch. This movie will ultimately leave audiences in a psychological limbo divided on their theories of what really happened in the dark forests of Montana. Production of the film launched in late April 2006 and estimated release will be fall 2006. [IMDB]

Unfortunately, I have been unable to confirm general release and distribution. IMDB states that it was released in July 2007 but I cannot locate it for sale or rent on DVD. If you know of this film, I would love to hear from you and get your opinion.

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Jonna said...

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I know they've just done some sound editing on Paper Dolls and there are rumors it's playing in Vegas in April. They're still seeking distribution.