Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hayden Hewes - Oklahoma's Paranormal Pioneer

This link takes you to images from a recent Lake Hefner UFO sighting that was forwarded to the folks at Rense by Oklahoma's very own pioneer of paranormal investigations, Hayden Hewes. Shortly, I will post more in length about this man who has investigated UFO's, Sasquatch, and a host of other anomalies in the sooner state - years before anyone else.

And, going back to my earlier post regarding the media blindly regurgetating the erroneous tale that Augusta Houghton haunts Guthrie's Stone Lion Inn, I present this for your examination.


Stone Lion Inn said...

I'm afraid I am responsible for the erroneous information about Augusta. I purchased the house in 1986 and converted it into a B&B. Shortly afterward grandchildren, great grandchildren, and other members of the family came to visit. None of them had personally met Augusta and may have gotten her name mixed up with the child who did die in the house, Irene. For years I told people that Augusta had died in the house. When TAPS came here 2 years ago we went through the census records and now believe it was Irene who died. Thank you for your time. I hope this helps to clear this up.
Rebecca Luker
Stone Lion Inn

Cullan Hudson said...

Yes, for a number of years, there was a mistake - and that's understandable. However, once it was known - and reported by many - it still got recycled incorrectly in the media, especially when it came time to do those "Halloween" stories in October. My beef is with the media and their refusal to do any real journalism, instead choosing to just blindly rehash old tales.

HeatherT said...

Then, kudos to you and TAPS for helping you get this cleared up with the research they did. I am glad they do extensive research before and after the investigations.
Heather--from Enid,OK