Monday, September 17, 2007

Honobia Bigfoot Festival 2007

Make it a point to visit this festival. No only does it support both Oklahoma and paranormal tourism, it just looks like plain fun. Plus, the wooded eastern hills of Oklahoma in Autumn can just be amazingly beautiful. Also, I need to hear reports since I wasn't able to visit last year and I'm out this year as well. To be honest, I would certainly trade palm-fringed paradise for a weekend trekking through the woodland around Honobia in search of their fabled creatures.

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Xjay said...

We had a blast at the 2007 Honobia Sasquatch Conference. The Keynote Speaker for the 2008 Honobia Conference is Jeff Meldrum, professor of anatomy at Idahoe State University! This is going to be a fantastic conference. Good food, good fun and scientific information on Bigfoot Research! Join us during the first weekend (Fri and Sat only) of Oct, 2008 at Honobia, OK. Thanks